I can't believe it's actually been this long, but for the past six months I've been working on a zine about 'Hamilton', a Broadway musical that's taken he world by storm. Since I have a talent for 'being late to the party', I found out about it while the rest of the world had already grown extremely obsessed with it. And I followed soon after. 'Hamilton' tells the story of Founding Father and first Secretary of State Alexander Hamilton, and as absolutely thrilling as that might sound, it's actually brilliant. I urge each and every person to start listening to it and I dare you to not love it and be moved by it. By combining his love for both hip-hop and Broadway musicals, writer, composer and star of the show Lin-Manuel Miranda brilliantly connects two worlds that at first glance do not have that much in common. 

I immediately fell in love with the rich lyrics, and the highly energetic and fresh score. I'm not a hip-hop connaisseur, so all the hip-hop references are sadly lost on me, but that's the beauty of this musical. It connects a variety of worlds together in unison and that's brilliant. Whether you’re a musical theatre fan, a fan of history, a hip-hop fan, or do not know what you’re getting yourself into, chances are you’ll be as amazed and drawn into it as many of the people who came before you. And once that has happened, there’s no way it’s letting you go. You’ll find yourself humming those tunes over and over again, and find yourself thinking seriously about pursuing a rap career. Even though you have no knowledge of music. Or the slightest talent for rapping. 

I guess why 'Hamilton' is so successful has first and foremost to do with the fact that it is, above anything else, such a work of love. Through every note, every uttered sentence, dedication and love speak as loudly as the bass line that runs through the tracks. It is a product of hard work and determination, and, let’s not forget, a fair amount of time. It’s a musical that’s all about inclusivity. People of every color and race shine together on the stage of the Richard Rodger’s Theatre every night, showing the world how beautifully diverse we are, and that every man’s story is worth being told. It reclaims American history in a wonderful way, and by doing so, 'Hamilton', just like Miranda's earlier musical 'In The Heights', gives us a glimpse of what could be when diversity becomes the rule instead of the exception. What could be when all those untold stories of people from different races, genders, cultural backgrounds, different countries and with different problems than the ones we usually see are told. Hamilton is brave, bold, full of love and wonderfully unapologetic. It dares us to be the same. To do the same. To do the things we dream of and pursue our dreams. To tell stories and to not stop telling stories. It's absolutely inspiring. 

To everyone who has worked on this musical, and everyone who's going to work on it in the future, I wish every bit of luck and success. You are wonderful, magnificent, and beautiful. Go shine. I wish I could've done more to show my love and appreciation of all your hard work, but I'd like to think I've done the best I can do at this point. The zine is completed, it just needs to be printed. I can't wait for 'Hamilton' to come to London, so I can finally see it. I've already started saving. Or perhaps I'll jus need to move to New York, to see all the Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals I'm dying to see.