About a week ago, I had the pleasure of working with Brother Till again for one of their projects. They asked me to paint a mural, which would function as a backdrop for a video they would like to use in one of their live performances. In front of that backdrop, a contact juggler would be placed. I didn't know what a contact juggler was, but it's basically that thing David Bowie does with those glass orbs in Labyrinth. And it's absolutely magical to watch. They asked me to paint the 'Three Wise Monkey's', since their track is called 'See No Evil', in vibrant colors. I wish I could've worked on it longer, since I think some extra time would've made it a bit better, but I'm happy with the results nonetheless. It was an amazing day, and I had so much fun painting something so big again, it has really motivated me to start using larger canvasses for my paintings again. Even if it's a lot of work, it just gives me a certain freedom that I adore.