Exhibition Young Ones Festival

A while ago, the beginning of April, I had a small exhibition at the Young Ones Festival XL, but completely forgot to write something about it. The festival itself was a theatre festival, and I saw lots of truly amazing performances. Some more traditional, some less traditional, but all wonderful. I absolutely loved Mime Wave Ukraine's performance. It was absurd and fantastical and weird, and it really captivated me. De Noorderlingen also really surprised me. I had never seen a performance of theirs, but it was truly amazing theatre. 

I also got some great response to my work. One lady in particular looked at my portraits and remarked that, at first glance, the portraits look kinda scary, but when you look at them longer, they become more vulnerable, and you almost pity them. ''But', she said,' you have to really take the time to look at them.'' I loved that she was able to get that from them, since I'm always searching for some kind of vulnerability in my work, for something more than just plain frightening or disturbing.