Lune van der Meulen (1991) is a Dutch artist and illustrator. She graduated from Artez Institute of the Arts in 2015.

From age five on, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts, since she was always drawing whenever she could. She has a wide variety of interests and hobbies, and because of that inspiration for her projects come from all sorts of sources, from her personal life, passion and fears, to mythology, to a performance she saw or an article she read somewhere.

'' My main inspiration is still the human being and the rawer, darker sides of this being and of our lives. I'm fascinated by people's dualities and contradictions, by the choices we make and by what is good and what is evil in our eyes. I'm always searching for ambiguity in my work, for something beyond a first glance or first impression, and for a certain vulnerability in the hope that it might tell something about what it means to be human. I try to convey emotion, in any way that I can.

My work is also often about my own insecurities and fears. I'm searching for understanding, for a sense of logic and control, but I'm also fully aware that nothing in life will ever be completely logical or can be controlled, and that lack of control scares me enormously. My anxieties I put in my work. Creating to me is sometimes desperately trying to make sense of it all. ''

In addition to drawing and painting, she also writes. Primarily in Dutch, since it's her mother language and she feels her ideas come across best in her own language. She also has a passion for (musical) theater and performance, which is something she'd love to explore further in the future.

Right now she is busy working on various personal projects in her new studio in Zwolle, the Netherlands.  She is busy trying to get her novel 'Kinderspel' published. She will be a part of De Jaargang this year, the one year acting educational program of Kemna Training, a division of Kemna Casting.